Wednesday, April 6

30 Day Song Challenge: My Least Favorite Song

First of all, is this guy even singing? He's doing this weird thing where he sort of sounds like he is yelling? It's very whiny. I don't like guys who sing like this. I like my male singers to at least sound like they're men? Unless you're twee, then you're off the hook (talking to you Kip Berman.) The cutesy ukulele in the background combined with that sickeningly mushy gushy chorus can only tell me that this song is meant for 12 year old girls, yet I've repeatedly found myself among 17-18 year old girls who swoon over this. REALLY? You've never heard a love song more compelling and touching THAN THIS? To each her own, I guess. Please don't ignore these amazing lyrics either. "I'm so obsessed / my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest" Seriously? And on top of all of that, Train is how old? The lead singer is 42! And he's singing a love song like this?! Train has been swell in the past. They were never a band I actually liked but I still respected their music. But this song...this song makes my ears cry, enough said.


Emily said...

"cutesy ukulele"

epic sad face

but for real, this song is so terrible

bobb said...

A bad song in a bad style. I'm looking forward to the next 28 days of the challenge.

Tavi said...

this song makes my ears BLEED

laia. said...

train sucks and this song is the iceberg of crappitude melting into the world and drowning it in uh.. crap.

srsly GROSS.

luella said...

my boyfriend and i listen to a lot of music from the 40s - late 70s, and i don't know, some music these days is just so...weird to me (dubstep???). i mean, it's definitely not in my place to say what music is actually good, like you said, to each her/(his) own. but personally i value music with much more...fill? for lack of a better word.

and hazel, i really wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my absolute favorites on blogger. love love reading your posts because there's actually something to read! you're seriously an intelligent young girl, and you just keep on growin'. it's a very nice thing to see :)

Patricia said...

I am totally with you on them being passably decent in the past, and so to me this song smells kind of like "hey we need to send our kids to college so let's get the ol' band together again for a session et VOILA. A "love song" that is cashing in on the "hipster" wave. Let's wear deep v-neck shirts in the video clip, too." Ugh.

Hazel said...

Not to mention that it sort of sounds like he's saying, "HAZEL'S SISTER".

no one will shut up about it