Sunday, April 17

30 Day Song Challenge : A Song That I Know All The Words To

Well duh, Punk Rock Girl!

We went to the Phillie Pizza Company
And ordered some hot tea
The waitress said "Well no
We only have it iced"
So we jumped up on the table
And shouted "anarchy"
And someone played a Beach Boys song
On the jukebox
It was "California Dreamin'"
So we started screamin'
"On such a winter's day"

This is my kind of love song!

I know there is this band called Streetlight Manifesto that did a cover of this song and a lot of kids at my school are super into them. At one point people were posting the lyrics as their Facebook statuses and I got sort of excited that other people liked The Dead Milkmen. Well they didn't they just liked the cover. :( :( :( Woe is me. Wish they could appreciate the band that wrote it!

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Meg said...

i love this song! i had no clue there was a cover? excellent choice