Saturday, April 2

California (All the Way)

Sometimes when I need to take a break from listening/crying to Galaxie 500 (those gloomy mellow darlings) I switch to Luna's album "Bewitched." Luna was started by Dean Wareham after Galaxie 500's split and this album sounds pretty much exactly like his previous work except when Wareham sings he does not sound like he is in a fish tank. Don't pretend like you don't know what I mean.

"California (All the Way)" is my ultimate chill-out song. It just makes me want to sit in a field of daisies in the middle of Baldwins Mills, Quebec on a hot summer day and drink peach ice tea out of a jar. You know what I'm saying? Sort of? I probably should have said it makes we want to frolic in California but I've never been there and when I try to think of what it is like there the intro to Beverly Hills, 90210 starts playing in my brain. It TOTALLY kills my mood.


matty said...

Magic. This is the go-to album I clean my room to.

taio said...


Emily said...

<3333 I've never heard you talk about Baldwin's Mills that way. I miss you/it.