Monday, April 11

Best of David Lynch

Re-watching Twin Peaks has reminded me all over again why I LOVE DAVID LYNCH. And I am so happy that other people are getting into Lynch through Twin Peaks. GET WEIRD. Here are some of my favorite David Lynch clips, characters, etc.

1. Alphabet

This is David Lynch's second short film. The animation is haunting and weirdly Dada-esque. It's creepy but seriously what do you expect? If you even want to sleep at all for the rest of your life then don't watch this. Or do. Or don't. Or you're totally watching it right now.

2. Rabbits

Rabbits was first released as a series of short films on Lynch's website. Later he would use this footage in snippets of his tedious film Inland Empire. Only 11 minutes is shown here but if you can't stand it after 11 minutes then you may not be able to take the entirety of Rabbits. Basically it's a family of rabbits who speak cryptic sentences over a laugh track and random applause. At one point (not in this clip) a huge red blob that speaks in a demonic voice appears in the wall. I've read an analysis that says the rabbits are in some sort of purgatory. Or that you could possibly take their sentences to form actual conversations...? It's weird, just...come on...

3. Lost Highway's "Mystery Man"

Oh you know this is just like that time when Robert Blake was at your house and standing in front of you at the same time. Totally normal. Side note: I have this soundtrack (ft. the smooth stylings of Trent Reznor) and it's pretty great.

4. Weird weather report

For awhile David Lynch was doing daily weather reports where he looked at the camera for a few seconds at his desk and basically described what it looked like outside. It was so mundane and that's what made it so weird? What compelled him to do that every day? I loved it. But then one day this happened. It says: hello kids, help me look for my legs. Omg omg omg omg omg omg what?

5. Blue Velvet's "Candy Colored Clown"

The last thing you want to hear when you are being sort of kidnapped and the lady who you're trying to help has just been shoved into a room and she's making weird, almost painful, noises is some creepy guy lip-sync Roy Orbison's "In Dreams." Every scene of Blue Velvet is a masterpiece but something about

6. "Jingle Dale" from Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is basically Natural Born Killers except with less murder and more PUNK ROCK! Lula and Sailor are such a great couple, all they do is have sex all day and slam dance. And they're on the run! One night in bed Lula tells a story about her wacko cousin Jingle Dale. He's played by Crispin Glover...need I say more?

7. Mulholland Drive

JUST WATCH. Ignore those subtitles.

And don't watch Eraserhead. That movie was laaame. Luv ya Lynch.


Leah P. said...

David Lynch has his own brand of coffee that you can get it at the IFC in New York!

fuck, i really need to watch Twin Peaks i can tell i'm missing out and i don't like it.

juliana said...

YES @ everything.
my sister taught me how to play the twin peaks theme on the piano <3

Sasha Fay said...

Ah, you sound just like me with my first Twin Peaks binge two summers ago.

You can kinda know the type of a person when they say they love Twin Peaks and/or David :)


Tara Violet said...

Twin Peaks is the best! I discovered it last year and fell madly in love with it, and am obsessed to this day. It's perfectly bizarre and there's so much that's wonderful about it, the woodsy style, weird humor, creepiness, THE MUSIC! david lynch is one fascinating man. and that scene from blue velvet is utterly fantastic

dazed said...