Monday, April 18

LOVE YOU, Killed By Death Records!

There is this one music blog that is so ridiculously SUPREME that I have to write about it. Stumbling upon this gem on the internet...I literally kissed my computer screen (just kidding.) It is just page after page of bands I have never heard about. Fantastic punk/post-punk/new-wave hit after hit! German, Swedish, American, everywhere across the world!

You can credit most of this playlist to this website, as well as several awesome hits I've posted on this site like Strawberry Cheesecake, Test Tube Baby, Quite Like You, and more!

It's just the best music blog on the internet, in my opinion. Good for something that's not, you know, Beach House or Panda Bear.*

* I am currently going through a music crisis fueled by my increasing love for X, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Buzzcocks, and other bands as well as watching the movie "24 Hour Party People." I am being seduced by the late 1970's-mid 80's genre of punk and post-punk. This has led me to believe that most music after that period is shit. I pull myself out of this by listening to bands like Bikini Kill and Beck, who remind me that some people did have talent after the punk and new-wave era. Ah!

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