Wednesday, May 11

Eric Shaw

Gruesome little dancers, some vomiting, naked ladies and some colorful designs: it's all Eric Shaw. He has this fantastic cubist aesthetic that doesn't quite fit the genre's criteria the way it should. Shaw's works are trippy, gouache paintings that depict human body parts as flat, flesh-toned objects that linger amongst blobs or geometrics covered in psychedelic prints. Limbs fracture into Braque-like shapes but the colors are far from those used during the popular avant-garde movement. The neons and groovy patterns, either intricately painted or thickly applied, make the pieces, simply, fun to stare at and to puzzle over. See more of his work here.


Anonymous said...

double fantasy???
He is one of the best artist
of today.
I love Tadanori Yokoo!!!
God bless you・・・

Nice said...

Hah, saw this on booooooom just now and thought "I bet this just went onto Hazel's blog"

Geraldina said...

do you know artist carrie chau?
not at all the same thing, butttt here's a link