Tuesday, May 10


I watched the 1997 film "Fame Whore" not too long ago and thought it was hilarious, campy, and most likely perfect. A lo-fi comedy birthed from the brains of director Jon Moritsugu, the movie is a trio of vignettes that all fall somewhere in the "what the fuck am I watching" range. The three main characters include a tennis player with anger management problems, a talentless "businesswoman" who just wants to be F-A-M-O-U-S, and a nerdy, hallucinating, loner that runs an animal adoption center. They're all deeply disturbed and very, very weird. It's fantastic.

Amy Davis (Moritsugu's girlfriend) is awesome as Sophie, the real fame whore in the movie. Dressed constantly in a skirt suit, she snarls at her assistant in monotone, still somehow managing to sound furious. As one of her numerous attempts to capture the public's attention she creates a line of t-shirts with some very feminine words on them. It's good, just trust me.
Shot in 16 mm, "Fame Whore" was actually rejected from the 1999 Academy Awards because all films nominated had to be shot in at least 35 mm. It's a film that's more independent than Ralph Nader, so if you're not looking for a movie that appears to have been made with only $35 then don't watch "Fame Whore!" The acting is flat, or completely over the top, but always hilarious either way! If you're a John Waters Fan then you'll probably totally understand Moritsugu's aesthetic. In fact you shouldn't even be reading this paragraph.

Another thing that really makes "Fame Whore" worthwhile is the grungy little soundtrack. I have been trying to track down the title track for what seems like A CENTURY. Recorded by Amy Davis herself, it's a screechy, punk-rock tune called "Fame Whore." Woah, are you surprised about that title too? It's only available on the soundtrack CD which I'd have to buy offline. Other artists include Emily's Sassy Lime, No No Boy, and Dub Narcotic Sound System. It's probably one of the best movie soundtracks I've heard.

I wanted to post about Fame Whore because I think it's terrible underrated. But please remember that this movie is definitely not for everyone, so only watch if you're in the mood for some cheap and kooky entertainment that may involve a geek who imagines a giant dog named "Peepers" is his best friend.

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