Friday, May 27

My Little Princess

Eva Ionesco is the daughter of Irina Ionesco, a Romanian-French photographer known for her striking erotic photography. Her photographs were typically of nude ladies in lavish jewels and costumes, often in a "pin-up meets silent film star" way. Ellen von Unwerth basically hijacked her aesthetic. But Irina Ionesco's favorite model was actually her young daughter Eva, who modeled in the same erotic fashion her mother's other subjects modeled.. At age 11 Eva was featured in an Italian Playboy nude pictorial and was later featured in Italian Penthouse.

Eva later became an actress and began to direct small short films. But her first feature film, "My Little Princess," is actually about the story of her life! It stars Isabelle Huppert as her mother and as you can see from the trailer it looks SO GORGEOUS!

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Jen said...

Ugh I wish I spoke French!! This seems amazing!!
Oh well, SUBTITLES!!!