Sunday, May 1

Otis from "Milo and Otis"

I haven't seen the film "Milo and Otis" since I was very young. I bought the film a few years ago after I found it in one of those huge, bottomless cheap DVD bins at Walmart but haven't watched it again. The movie is basically about a pug (Otis) and an orange kitten (Milo) who become friends. Milo than drifts down a river in a small wooden box and Otis embarks on a quest to find him.

Here's Otis 'cause he's cute.

This blog would not be an accurate reflection of the things I love if it did not include PUGS PUGS PUGS!


leilani.e said...

ohmygod, I'd forgotten about that film! aw.

Samantha Elena said...

I used to watch that movie over and over in long car rides! and obligatory "awwwww" at Otis.

the fashion turd said...

this film rocked my world. i wanted to call my kids 'milo and otis' even..oh dear thanks for making me re-live it as an 'adult'!

boxmalak said...

i adored that movie as a kid.

Isabel said...

Oh, I totally remember this movie! Even though I am not a dog person, I can totally appreciate those adorable little pug faces.

Anonymous said...

Animal cruelty allegations
When the film was first released, several Australian animal rights organizations raised allegations of animal cruelty during filming and called for a boycott. The Sunday Mail reported at the time that Animal Liberation Queensland founder Jacqui Kent alleged the killing of more than 20 kittens during production and added that she was disturbed by reports from Europe which alleged other animals had been injured, as in one case where a producer allegedly had broken a cat's paw to make it appear unsteady on its feet. Kent said her organization had a number of complaints from people who had seen the film and were concerned that it could not have been made without cruelty.[2] The Tasmanian and Victorian branches of the RSPCA also alleged abuses.[3]
The film was reported to have the approval of the American Humane Society, despite not having their officers present during filming.[2]
The American Humane Association attempted to investigate cruelty rumors through "contacts in Europe who normally have information on movies throughout the world." While noting that the contacts had also heard the allegations, they were unable to verify them. The organization also reported, "we have tried through humane people in Japan, and through another Japanese producers to determine if these rumors are true but everything has led to a dead end." However, the same report noted that several Japanese Humane Societies allowed their names to be used in connection with the film and that the film "shows no animals being injured or harmed."[4]
wikipedia yo this shit is real/depressing

LauraBee said...

a while ago someone made videos from the movie set to sigur ros.

this is my favorite one. definitely one of my go-to pick-me-ups. 1:52-2:06 is the greatest moment but if you watch it from the start it's a lot better.