Sunday, May 15

~We Are The Night~ (Duh)

The Chemical Brothers have been one of my favorite bands since I was, oh, probably about SIX YEARS OLD. My parents had their album "Surrender" and my brother and I would request to hear "the robot music." Weren't we sooo kewt? Anyway I used to think "Surrender" was my favorite album but I listened to "We Are The Night" all yesterday AND ALL NIGHT and it is the most intense thing ever. I feel like I have to be doing something really intense like robbing a diamond exhibit in slow motion or walking out of an explosion or doing my algebra homework. Which reminds me, no I have not seen the movie "Hanna" yet which is ridiculous because I believe it is about a teenage assassin and The Chemical Brothers do the soundtrack? That's my real dream life.

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Axi T. said...

You are like,the God of good music!