Tuesday, June 14

Celine delivers 2012 resort dream look

1. Olive + gray leather pencil skirt.
2. Turtleneck tanktop = half beige, half cobalt blue mesh.
3. Thick tan leather belt with some fancy gold key/chain hardware action.
4. Suede patchwork bag.
5. Black platforms w/ankle strap.

DIG IT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!


Tea For Two said...

I love the way that bag looks like something you'd dig out of some heinous 70s swap meet. Patchwork is funny like that. It perfectly offsets everything else because to me it tows the fine line between atrocious and aesthetically artistic.

The olive skirt is just stupidly lovely.

olivias-pizzaz said...

I want to wear it right now!

Lenara said...

beautiful images!! love LOVE!!!

im defiantly going to give you a follow.

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enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Quel beau mélange, j'adore ce style plein de couleurs!!!