Saturday, June 11


Color me loser BUT I literally spent 10 minutes squinting at my screen trying to determine if this was a two piece or one piece outfit. I do believe it is a dress. I'm not a total Diane Von Furstenberg nut but every once in a while a certain piece from one of her collections will jump out at me. Like this dress from her 2012 resort collection! I just really love the green, black and white combo. I also like the divisions created by the separate patterns printed on the dress (i.e. the black vs. green/white on the sleeves.) I wasn't crazy about the collection as a whole but I did love the color story (neon pinks, oranges, blues, and greens.)


Felix Curds said...

hello there:) um, wow, i really need this dress now.

Kamilla said...

loove this dress(:
so different!!