Saturday, June 18

Michael Kors is making fun of you right now

"I think she looks like a stewardess and I'm waiting for her to give me a coffee."
"I can't quite figure out this 80's like, power bitch Mugler jacket..."
"She just sort of looks like a sad chicken"
"She looks like Barefoot Appalachain Lil' Abner Barbie."
"Next thing you know, it's big button earrings and you're on 'The Facts of Life."
"If you didn't do that jacket in fleece I would have been like give me a Xanax, I'm asleep."
"It's a little Shirley McClaine when she played a hooker with a heart of gold."
"She looks like her ass is in her front."


olivias-pizzaz said...

ahahahaha oh thats awesome!

Jean Caulfield said...

He is a genius. hahahah love it.

Rachel said...

hahaha hilarious!

Jude said...

"She came around the corner and bam, boobies" - in response to Wendy (Survior Strategist) Pepper