Wednesday, June 1

A Certain Person

So I know the 90's are really popular right now, in fashion, music, and more. Grunge, plaid mini-skirts with matching blazers, Kathleen Hanna, "Crimson Glow," blah blah blah 90's stuff. It was an awesome decade. But in all seriousness...the 80's is still my decade.

My tastes in music go from punk to electro to whatever but almost all of my favorite songs are straight up 80's new wave (yes, every genre: synthpop, darkwave, mod revival, etc.) This is probably because my parents were new-wavers who raised me mostly on synth beats and geometric patterns. I want to wrap my arms around 80's new wave and make it my soul mate...because it totally is.

So when I heard Light Asylum's song "A Certain Person" I was playing it on repeat repeat repeat. It's a little Duran Duran meets "Goodbye Horses" meets my favorite song. It's just SO 80's and not in the "oh this new Strokes album has some 80's vibes" kind of way but "how was THIS song not made in the 80's?" kind of way. It makes me want to drag an aqua blue smoke machine into my room. DO YOU GET WHAT I'M SAYING?

I'm into it.

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martinacox said...

dude the cramps are incredible