Sunday, June 5

Solace + The Cranberries

My Brightest Star - Solace

I have literally no idea who Solace is. I really love this song; it's so melancholy. It is a little hard to understand but it's obviously about a girl swooning over some boy. This was a single put out in (I think) 1991. The internet turns up little information about Solace, except for music by a heavy metal band by the same name. I love when the girls voices all meet in unison to sing "Shines like a star." A really gorgeous twee tune. I wish I knew more about this band!

Sunday - The Cranberries

I love songs that have short, slow intros and then BAM it's suddenly this upbeat song that won't make you cry. This is one of those songs. "Sunday" has been stuck in my head for the past THREE MONTHS. Seriously.

"you mystify me, you mystify me, you mystify me..."

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Nana said...

does that girl from Solace "could never be as sexy as Bobby G."? This Bobby G. boy must have been a hell of a guy!