Friday, June 10

Suno 2012 Resort

There were some looks in the Suno 2012 resort collection that we need to talk about. Because they were really cool and I kind of want them on my body, uh, now.

A gorgeous floral shirt but I'm very interested in the skirt just because it's pattern resembles grouped cells, except in bright purple and red. Sort of evoking images of blue and red twisting veins in my head. Why this skirt reminds me of the human body, I DON'T KNOW. Also can we please make a serious note of the earrings? They look like little pink and purple scrunched up pipe-cleaners. Adorable.

I'm not a huge fan of dress-like shirts (i.e. shirts that fall just above the knees) with pants but somehow this works with me? A little? If I owned both pieces I doubt I'd wear them together and would most likely don the shirt/dress only. The print (like all of my favorite prints) is probably two steps away from being hideous but the super neon color palette makes it work. It's like a Rousseau painting on acid.

Oh, hi super cute, glittery (sequined?) mini-dress. Do you know you look like a BEACH? It's pale compared to the vibrancy of the rest of the collection, but still a really great piece.

Also constantly appearing in the collection where all sorts of adorable baubles. Big, chunky, groups of furry key-chains and voodoo dolls that sort of resembled japanese cellphone keychains when chained together. They were certainly statements! I loved them!


Emily said...

aw, i really like the necklace in the second-to-last image

kate cait sith said...

aaaaaah when you referenced "cells" to the skirt piece i totally thought of yayoi kusama, did you know i'm obsessed with her?!
~my scans~ (from some art books on her)
i like these entries, i think you have a good eye!

Madame G said...

Loving the crazy prints and voodoo doll accessories - I'd have loads of fun playing around with these pieces and that's what I'm after nowadays - think I've finally reached the stage where I don't want to wear anything too serious and dark - yay!

Isabel said...

Ooohhh this is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Hazel-lady.

enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Très bon mélange de couleurs c'est frais j'adore.