Tuesday, July 5

I'M SO COOL by The Bedflowers

Let's face it UNIVERSE, hipster jokes are so fucking boring. Bad joke alert.

BUT: making fun of pretentious people will never, ever get old. Before there was Portlandia/Hipster Runoff/etc. there was this perfect song by The Bedflowers. It is probably my favorite attack on people who are just waaay too into how cool they are. Check out these bits:

"I hate Bros, I hate Conservatives, cause I'm really really alternative"
"I'm a Socialist and I'm well dressed but I'm very easily impressed"
"I like acid house and HAH! New Order"
"My hair is greasy but untangled"
"I understand the enemy!"

A lot of the song contains references to places in Manchester including this bit about "Manchester, North of England, but it's not as North as Horwiiiiich" which I assume is making fun of the fact that yeah, Manchester is cool BUT not as cool as this other, lesser known place (Horwich is a suburb of Bolton.) They also mention "Affleck's Palace" which was some sort of shopping arcade in the 90's that was "super hip."

I just thought it was hilarious that the song actually describes a lot of people today! I mean, there's even a reference to Doc Martens and people refusing to wear anoraks. It's just a cute sarcastic tune. Also thank you to Warren Pilkington who helped me understand some of the English-specific references!

The Bedflowers have only released one cassette demo titled "Summer 1990" which you can definitely find online if you search enough. I've listened to it and none of the songs were as good as this one. They also have a few songs scattered on different compilations, but I haven't looked into them.


Leah P. said...

i'm always glad to learn of others who were frustrated with the hipster agenda before the 2000s although i think i can still argue that it's worse now than ever frsdgoahegfg.

Sasha Fay said...

This is terrific! Also, my family is from Manchester and Afflecks Palace is alright :)

L said...

people hate hipsters because essentially they always try too hard. If people would just *relax* and be themselves and wear/listen to whatever they want, thats legitimately cool.

hotelchildhood said...

i love this and totally agree over the hipster jokes.......they're becoming really popular in small town, minnesota when i've already been tired of seeing them on the internet (for months and months). nowhere is safe.

boxmalak said...

L is right... they try to damned hard.
it gets so old, too fast.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!! (but mainly cos in live in manchester and can get all the references)

Anonymous said...

i think the 'nu metal' reference is warren pilkington's way of analogizing a scene that was popular when he wrote that article on his site, with the indie scene from the late 80s.
there were no 'nu-metallers' in 1990! just some historical reference.