Thursday, July 14

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

Today I watched an amazing documentary in class about graphic designer Milton Glaser. Although I was familiar with his work before I watched the documentary, listening to him speak and seeing his design process was absolutely mind-blowing. I was really inspired! I also immediately felt connected to him because I agreed with everything he said.

His style possesses a more illustrative look, something that is very rare in the world of graphic design today. It's so easy to play around with type and photography, but what about making your OWN type and images? Anyone that deems graphic design a lesser art is sure to change their mind after looking at Glaser's work. His designs maintain this really imaginative quality. Do you ever see an artist's work or learn about them and you just can NOT wrap your brain around how a person can be so creative? Glaser is just TOO brilliant!

His work doesn't just communicate, it influences (and even creates) entire movements. I was absolutely fascinated by his New York Magazine issue about the "underground gourmet." There was a time when middle class families eating at a cheap chinese eateries was considered a bit socially unacceptable. It just didn't happen. And although Glaser doesn't take credit for starting the movement, this discovery of New York restaurants (Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, etc.) that aren't fancy or mainstream, he does acknowledge that the magazine issue made serious waves.

New York Magazine, founded by Milton Glaser and Clay Felker, was sort of a rebellious magazine. Journalism that aimed to inform creatively in a brash and unique manner. And talk about those covers!!! The modern New York Mag better step up it's design because it looks like a minimalist bore compared to Glaser's work. I absolutely loved this Gloria Steinem cover with her in a "Nixon box." Glaser also founded Push Pin Studios which, of course, was the coolest design studio in the 60's. Milton the greatest person?

He's a design superhero! He has never done ANYTHING bad looking. Everything is gorgeous, interesting, amazing. So see the documentary! It's available instantly on Netflix. If you are interested in graphic design or funny old Jewish men with artistic talent I really recommend it!


Spencer Tweedy said...

He is so awesome. Have you seen his videos on!?!?!

Also this:

O*A said...

Very Cool -- love the game changers. Nice clip. Anna

Anonymous said...

I know someone who works for him and hes not a nice guy at all. Money hungreyyy dude and mean.