Friday, August 12

Nostalgia of Madness : PUNK RAWK 4-EVER

Who runs the blog Nostalgia of Madness? I'm not completely sure but it's someone who really appreciates authentic 1970's punk fashion. This blog is an AMAZING collection of photos and clothing. I posted some of the awesome mohair jumpers featured on the site not too long ago and the author even makes some of them! Ah! Whether the author owns such historic articles of clothing or they have just found the pictures on other sites, one thing is for sure: they're all SO cool. Here are a few photos that I thought were totally great!

Johnny Rotten wearing a mohair sweater / Chica Sato from The Plastics

Excerpt from "Punk Cats" magazine / young Vivienne Westwood

Siouxsie Sioux + Little Debs + Billy Michael (Billy Idol, possibly?)

"Tits" shirt  /  The guitarist of Bow Wow Wow is wearing this shirt in their Top of The Pops performance.

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