Monday, August 29

Supermarket Sarah

Supermarket Sarah is one of my favorite places on the internet and it is really weird that I haven't blogged about her already. Supermarket Sarah is, essentially, a web store. What makes it unique is that she displays the items hanging on her walls, typically beautifully coordinated by color, theme, material, etc. She often has artist collaborations like Fred Butler or Donna Wilson. The format is so special and really stands out amongst all the other web stores on the internet.


Jen said...

Great pictures. I love the prints, the colors are so vibrant. <3


Cess said...

I love the last picture! I will totally check out her store! Yaay!
please check out my blog!

becca said...

WOOOOAh, I don't know how have never run across her before now...I've kinda imagined a shop like this before but WOW its actually been done and successfully, that makes me so happy!