Tuesday, August 9

What We Wore by ISYS

I Saw You Standing (ISYS) is a really awesome web site that catalogs London street style. The videos are a nice alternative to typical street style blogs that are mainly just pictures. Not to mention the people chosen aren't just wearing head to toe designer looks. Ah! That stuff really annoys me. Jack & Jil and The Sartorialist are great I guess but I'd take Hel Looks and Drop Snap over the fancy street style blogs featured in Vogue any day. Sometimes it's nice to see what people who AREN'T fashion editors and models are wearing, right?

Anyway, in addition to the videos ISYS also runs a really awesome blog! I love their series called "What We Wore" that focuses on peoples old photos of...what they wore!

These are my favorites: Suzie Zabrowska , Philomena Clarke , Shelley Pinto-Duschinsky , and Les Bailey

Such great style!

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Mr.Voga said...

Awesome...even though I'm way too young to have experienced this fashion I really feel some kind of nostalgic feeling...