Saturday, September 10

1930's Teen Dreams

A good friend of my grandmother's recently unearthed a notebook of her mother's, who had been a young teenager in the early 1930's. The notebook is filled with illustrations of old movie stars from the 1930's-1940's, drawn during the period of 1930-1931. I just love the drawings so much!

There are a few reasons why I think these drawings are so amazing. First of all, you can tell that she copied them from photos of the actors.  They are not traced but instead drawn in green, red, and black ink. Such detail has been put into these drawing and you can tell she really took her time recreating the pictures. Another reason is that these drawings really carry a lot of meaning to this girl. In the inside cover there is a letter she has written to whoever looks at the notebook. It's hard to make out due to how faded it is, but she writes:
"I like the stars and hope someday one of them may see this book which I made in their honor. I am now fourteen years old and soon to be fifteen...All stars are beautiful...I hope not any of the stars become offended if they ever see the pictures I did of them because some of them are so beautiful it's impossible to make them look like themselves...I always hope that someday I may see Hollywood and meet some stars especially Jackie Coogan. My letter is finished please don't mind my writing."
Ha! And the writing really IS hard to read! But isn't that just so sweet? She hoped that none of the stars would get offended if they saw it and didn't like how they were drawn! Awww!!! You know, these days when teen girls love movie stars they might place a photograph or a poster on their wall or even reblog a picture to their blog. But this girl spent hours drawing these pictures of the stars she loved and I really respect that! She was in love with the glamour of Hollywood, in a decade when movies were spectacular one time events at the theater. She didn't even say she wanted to be a movie star, she simply just wanted to meet them! She signs each picture with "Best Wishes, and then the actress's signature, often outlining it several times to get it perfect. Isn't that adorable? I can just imagine her going to the movies and falling in love with the stars and using that admiration to create this notebook. Click through to see more of them!


A personal letter + Carole Lumbard
This one is my favorite: Madge Evans's Olympic Bob!
Constance Bennett
A watercolor portrait (unknown actress) and Marion Davies
"The Dynamite LADY. HOW Kay Johnson was IN HER FIRST TALKIE" (Haha! "Talkie" !!!)
Joan Crawford
I think this might be Mary Doran, but I can't be sure.
Greta Garbo + Nancy Carroll
Clara Bow
June Collyer
Helen Twelvetrees
Lewis Ayres
Clark Gable
She drew on the back of her homework! Ha!


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this is amazing! i love it!

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These are so beautiful and charming! This is such an amazing find. Really really love these.

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No way. This is nuts. Soo cute. The pictures are actually really good I love the way they look! This is something that Phoebe Caulfield would totally do I bet. Love it.

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today there is tons more access to photos/information which is why people in our gen probably cut out pictures rather than try to render their favorite stars

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That could be Bette Davis next to Marion Davies.

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Wow. Those are so amazing! And the letter is so sweet. I love things like this, they make me really happy :)

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