Wednesday, September 28

Bonnie Brenda Scott: Hot Pink Intestines Can Be Pretty

Bonnie Brenda Scott, a Philadelphia-based artist, defines her work as being as intricate and "meditatively obsessive." Her work tends to exhibit these intestine-like swirls of paint that take on the form of everything from body parts to gaping monsters to, not surprisingly, actual intestines. Painting isn't Scott's only medium, her portfolio is filled with other three-dimensional treasures. Like her 2009 exhibit The Wilderness Society at Nexus Foundation that showcased 61 pieces of her artwork; sculpture, prints, paintings, all under the umbrella theme of hunting. She's too cool! 


xxxxxxx said...

I'm a Philadelphian, too, and it's awesome to see rockin' artists these days! :'D too proud. These are great!

NatashaNicole said...

Love that coyote piece!! Sooo cool!! xx the Garage Gypsy blog

Gabriela said...

day-glo intestines: why not? thanks for sharing ;)