Sunday, September 4

Drawing Autism

I stumbled upon this really amazing collection of artwork created by autistic artists. I had seen David Barth's "Vogels" (Birds) before and fell in love with it. Only 10 years old when he drew it! You can purchase the book, Drawing Autism, which features over 50 international autistic artists. Judging by the amazing work exhibited here, this book must be incredible!

 Eleni Michaels "Dancing with the Dog"
 Jessica Park's "The Mark Twain House and The Diamond Eclipse and Venus"
 Vehdas Rangan's "A"
Emily L. Williams's "Leap Years"
David Barth's "Vogels"


bobb said...

These are really good. My mom would have loved them - she worked with autistic children for several years, and it remained a lifelong interest of hers.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hazel!
I love Hirayama Ikuo.
(Japanese style painting)
Do you have a East BOY?
Our school has a rule that
we wear a uniform!!!

glenda said...

oh wow, i am in love with these.