Tuesday, September 27

Interview with Kate Engelbrecht

I interviewed photographer Kate Engelbrecht about her book The Girl Project for Urban Outfitters! The book is really amazing, you should all buy it! The idea of giving cameras to teenage girls across the country to document their lives was just so inspiring. The image of teen girls in pop culture has definitely been tarnished in the past few years. We're not all spoiled brats who wear juicy sweatsuits, I swear! The Girl Project is teenage girl emotion, experience, and creativity at its core.

It's funny because I'm a teenage girl and teenage girls fascinate me, which is why I wrote my junior term paper on how teen girls develop a sense of identity (using My So-Called Life as a pop culture reference!) I wonder if I can major in "teen girlhood" in college. Like instead of women's studies it's just teenager studies. If only!


Oscar and Anna said...

i'm happy to see a different image of teen's emerging than what is on TV and in pop culture. I personally had no idea who I was as a teen and from what I see on TV and in the media, people are way more advanced at that age now and it's scary! i'm very different today and still growing! anna

Lucy said...

Oh my god what a cool project!

You totally can major in youth studies, or something, although in a round-about way. You just have to know what you want to learn, I think.

I'm finishing up an honours year in graphic deign/illustration focussing on the 'inbetween-ness' of teenager-dom, and how it is expressed in zines and comics. Best year everrrrrr.

Emily said...

I just ordered this book a week ago on amazon , like you i love the idea of disposable cameras making the world realize what us girls have to go to , The picture of the girl on the weighing scale is something we can all relate too i am sure.
I love the positives and negatives of this book !
PS: love your blog and have followed you now x

Tavi said...

i LOVE this book. i know i feel weird about being fascinated by teenage girls while still being one. but it helps to remember how funny/dumb everything is when i'm being overly dramatic about something like boys or social stuff