Wednesday, September 14

Pajaki Chandeliers

If there is one thing I love, it's colorful paper decorations. I have always been attracted to beautiful party decorations, tissue paper flowers, and especially papel picado! I have four paper lanterns hanging above my desk and a paper string of rainbow cats above my bed. Not to mention my bedroom mirror has tinsel hanging off it! Yay, shiny! My room is white with gray carpet so I try to make it as colorful as possible through my decorations.

That's why when I saw these Pajaki paper chandeliers I fell in love! Aren't they gorgeous?! You can get these chandeliers from The Polish Art Center, which is a treasure trove of beautiful things if you search for them hard enough. Just look at this flowered headpiece! Also, "pajaki" literally translates to "spiders of straw" and I really really really love that.


miss izz said...

that is so cute!!

Liora said...

that's really cool!


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahhh, i love these!! So going to make a load of pom poms up and make one!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry ,I don't agree.
Hazel is a pretty girl!!!
You look a genuine picture
by Marc chagall・・・
God bless you.

K said...

I really want to try and make one now!

K xx