Friday, October 14

Café con Leche Is Making Wonderful Art

Café con Leche is a place filled with beautiful handmade art and design. Composed of the adorable duo RoiInés, two extremely talented humans from Mexico City, Café con Leche is a modge podge internet wonderworld filled with cute creatures, colorful zines and publications, and wicked artistic skill!

Café con Leche is a digital maze but somewhere in that maze, I assure you, is an awesome web shop. You click and you click and you click through cats, rainbows, and eyeballs in order to get around the website. It's a worthwhile journey that can be a little cryptic, but it's never not adorable. Everything is adorable, EVERYTHING. Both of them are amazing artists and I can't get enough of their illustrations.

I really love the sticker collections Café con Leche carries. The most interesting packages are the Café con Leche's own, which are a surprise bundle of different styles and sizes. You can also get sticker packages from other artists (who are some of my favorites!) like Milkbbi or Sarah McNeil. These Ginette Lapalme ceramic cat stickers are hilarious! Did I mention everything is eco-friendly? WOOHOO!

Café con Leche also has a sick collection of zines and art/comic publications like Gang Bang Bong and Monocromo. I thought Casas para Perros was especially interesting, which is Roi and Ines' newest zine. Apparently they had a moment where they "understood telepathically what dogs really want for houses." Woaaaah, awesome.



michelle said...

These are so adorable! I wish I was this creative :(

Germán Fraustro said...

inechi & roi son mis fabricantes favoritos de libros