Saturday, October 8

"Gold Sneakers" by Wax Idols

Wax Idols is lead by Heather Fedewa (or, now known as Heather Fortune), a former member of Hunx & his Punx and Bare Wires. "Gold Sneakers" is a song off their debut LP "No Future" and I'm really excited to listen to the entire album. A little Joan Jett and a little garage-rocky, (oh, and add some clapping, can't forget the clapping,) "Gold Sneakers" a perfect song to jump around to! The album drops October 25th on Hozac Records.

You can also check out Wax Idols' debut 7" "All Too Human/William Says" and watch the video for "All Too Human" right here:


bobb said...

very good, particularly "All Too Human"

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...