Thursday, October 27

No Problem, Stine

Sometimes your favorite childhood author compliments a piece you wrote about him.


Kailey said...

All in a day's work for Hazel the Superhero~

BUT SERIOUSLY, that is incredibly impressive and exciting!

Liora said...

I read that on Rookie!!!!! And I really liked it and I totally agree about Goosebumps :)


matty said...

hazel, awww-esome! vivid memory of trying to mimic my own RL Stiney story at 9 about carnivorous banana eating plants after reading that one Goosebumps about the shrunken head. eventually ~~graduated~~ to Fear Street (did you read those? DON'T 2 SKARY but if you do "The Dead Lifeguard" & "The Awakening Evil" possessed me in 5th grade) i also still have The Haunted Mask on VHS (somewhere...) just remember the packaging being of the puffy-insulated VHS variety with a black lining and thinking that was so CrazySexyGhoul as a kid. (vaguely recall the cassette being lime green but maybe that was just my imagination playing tricks on me?!!) damn, that was an unexpected amount of Goosebumps worship to vomit on here, but like Mischa Barton says in The Sixth Sense: "I'm feeling much better now."