Tuesday, October 25

Riikka Sormunen: Creepy, Beautiful Gals

Helsinki artist Riikka Sormunen's artwork is hauntingly beautiful. Her brooding subjects are often paused in moments of reflection, always with some sort of monster or unholy symbol lurking in the background. Whether it's two orange handprints printed in a girl's sweater or a minute picture enclosed in a locket, there is always something peculiar embedded in a Riikka Sormunen work of art. Deeply mysterious, her paintings are practically begging for accompanying stories. But isn't the best part of analyzing a surrealist work, if you can call Sormunen's work surrealist, developing the story behind the piece?

Vagueness usually opens the door to the spookiest of interpretations :)


Kailey said...

Hazel - with each post you convince me more and more of your ~perfect taste~. These are absolutely stunning *___*

but a geisha said...

holy crap this is good!