Sunday, November 20

An Ode to the Moujiks

It's common internet knowledge that I love pugs and french bulldogs. So, when I realized I had NEVER even mentioned the great Moujik on this blog, I was like "am I crazy???"

Moujik was Yves Saint Laurent's french bulldog. He actually had multiple french bulldogs, all named Moujik. I first saw a photo of him and Moujik at this amazing Yves Saint Laurent exhibit which I accidentally stumbled upon in Montreal. Seeing YSL's work throughout the years up close was breathtaking. He was a true couturier. He once said of the first Moujik,
"We are both set in our ways, with out foibles, but most important of all we have the same tastes. He likes certain materials – don't laugh, but the sound of taffeta being unrolled sends him into a frenzy."
Wow, YSL WOULD have a dog that loved taffeta, wouldn't he?

I love all of the pictures that can be found of Yves Saint Laurent with his dogs. He's often on the floor, drawing, with Moujik close by watching him work. I'm not sure how many he had in his lifetime, but all of them were certainly adored. He's just sort of there, amongst all of these beautiful clothes, looking funny and a little bit surprised (all pugs and bulldogs seem to have this constant expression of surprise on their faces. It's the eyes, for sure.)

Moujik II and Moujik III were subjects of some of Yves Saint Laurent's Love posters, one of them done by Andy Warhol. I would kill to get my hands on one of them! I already searched, they're like upwards of $1800.

French bulldogs and pugs are such funny animals, but judging by so many people in the fashion and art industry who own them I would say they are very creative and posh animals, right?


Prince Cherr said...

Oh man looking at these pics it makes me want a dog I can take everywhere and make awesome pictures of.

Kailey said...

One of your best posts yet Hazel - I HAD NO IDEA YSL HAD MULTIPLE ADORABLE DOGS ;___; Unbelievably cute, and the posters are incredible! They make my bright-colors-loving-heart swoon ^^

olivias-pizzaz said...

heeee is sooo cute!!! ahhh I completely understand your obsession with pugs and french bulldogs!

Acne Treatment Reviews said...

This dog is very lucky. I'm a fan of YSL and now I'm a fan of Moujik. Cute!

Florence said...

Love this so much, perfect! Lovely post, haha

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F.M. said...

You wrote a post on YSL's dog?! Amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you even find some of the posters for sale? I am looking for some of his other love posters...and cannot find anywhere!

Marie said...

YES YES YES!!! Although I can't imagine naming all the dogs Moujik. Hehe. SO CUTE