Saturday, January 21

Lauren Poor

I really love Lauren Poor's work. Every photograph she takes is so heavily crafted. You can tell she styles every single aspect of the photograph from the quirky handmade props to the body paint that her models are usually seen wearing. Always a bit experimental and colorful, each of Poor's photographs often end up looking like something completely unlike a typical photograph. They're edited, layered, and ultimately enhanced but, of course, never with something as typical as Photoshop. Rudimentary scribbles, bits of pipe cleaner, and paint smudges frame her portraits of already heavily-made up subjects. They're icons, they're weirdo yearbook photos, they're sociopolitical statements...they're really cool!


olivia bee said...

basically my fav artist in the entire world

The Awkward Indie Girl said...

These are fantastic.

Emma said...

I love Lauren Poor too! All of the painting frames and glitter she adds, and diy-ed dolls are like everything I want my art to be and more.

Celia Bow said...

These are so amazing, I love her work so much I can't believe I've haven't seen any of her work before.
I really like your blog I thinks it's really inspiring and cool.

p.s I have a pug aswell called lulu-belle