Saturday, February 11


There are so many 1960's girl group songs that it's insane! But because of all of the music that was recorded and the infinite number of girl bands that popped up in that era, it can also be really hard to hear a super stand-out song. "Egyptian Shumba," by The Tammys, with it's dreamy Egyptian theme and weirdo screaming/growling (?!), this song is such a gem. My favorite of theirs is actually "Gypsy" which might just be one of the best 60's girl group songs I've ever heard. So lovely.


Part of Growing Up

Egyptian Shumba


The Awkward Indie Girl said...

So good! How do you find such great music?

bobb said...

Ah the great Tammys - I like all their songs, though "Egyptian Shumba"
is my favorite. I just heard it on a radio show yesterday. They backed up Lou Christie on several of his records.

Sophie said...

I'm super excited that there are the Tammys of Parks and Rec and these Tammys as well!

spencertweedy said...

so GOOD.

Mariana said...

These are just screaming to be danced to- or played loudly while driving around in your 1965 Thunderbird convertible.

Bobby Benitez said...

The Tammys stuff is sooooooo good. Really well produced. Sounds like it was made nowadays trying to mimic the 60's sound.

I can't believe they're not more famous. I love oldies and I just discovered them a few weeks ago.