Saturday, February 18

Teenage Girls Assaulted By Wild Animals! An Interview With John Waters

Remember not too long ago when I posted about this photo series from Rookie that I took of John Waters' home? Well here's the interview! It was humbling and sort of crazy to meet one of my greatest role models. Waters really understands teenagers and the art of taste-making, and his sense of humor is unparalleled, of course! He's such a fantastic and important human being in the art, fashion, and film world. It was an honor interviewing him. All hail the Pope of Trash!


Jean Caulfield said...

Man I can't believe you got to do that. So. Cool. You. Are so cool.

matty said...

youth spies = band name

à la Modest said...

From Baltimore here! Very cool that you got to interview him. One time at a bar my husband told him he had a dream that he broke into his house and played chess with him or something. I don't recall the details now (as all dreams). John Waters threatened to kill him.... joking, of course. Or was he? Hehe.