Monday, March 5

India ~ ~ ~ * * *

If you google image search "folk paintings of India," wonderful images come up. Usually I just search "indian miniatures" but folk art brings more color. Gorgeous. I need to read more about them because my art history knowledge in school was mostly spent on European and American art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has some really interesting Indian/East Asian tapestries as well. I have to remember to go see them the next time I go.


Mariana said...

I love all the colours!
And the drawings are beautiful- they're so full of life and just seem to tell a story. :)

gwen said...

I've been really getting into indian folk culture of late, especially as it relates to fashion.

I'm also really into the beauty of the clothing worn by indian gypsies, so intricate but yet with this rustic wandering look. So beautiful.