Friday, March 9

Jetoy Cats

I am getting more and more Kawaii by the minute, it's kind of ridiculous. My latest super-cute obsession has been Jetoy cats stationary, a Korean line that features adorable wide-eyed cats wearing bonnets and surrounded by flowers, of course. All of the coolest stationary comes from Korea, it's just a fact. Apparently the stationary is really hard to find in the US and judging by my google searches I would agree!


Mariana said...

I recently bought a stationary set of the cat in the bonnet :)
I'm a cat lady and finding Jetoy Cats was like a dream come true :)

Anonymous said...

i am SUCH a sucker for cute Kitty prints. LOVE!!!!! (almost as much as your blog)

Kate Jean xx

melisscious said...

i agree, the best stationaries come from korea. i love this. super cute and just the right amount of strange (: xoxo

Jenny said...

holy crap! I was going to do a post on Jetoy cats next week. I have a set of postcards I bought from there and I was planning to scan as many as possible. fyeah Korean stationery :) - heh

this is further proof that your blog is awesome. great minds think alike :)

Cassie said...

You can actually search "Jetoy" on Amazon and find a bunch of their merchandise :D