Monday, March 12

~ Samba Love ~

I'm a winter person at heart ('cause my soul is cold and dark, duh) but lately I've been craving summer. I want to sip fruity drinks and ride roller coasters and walk on a beach and just HAVE WARM WEATHER. I live in New Jersey, okay? It's not like that here year round. I'm still in wool tights.

Whenever I want some light, summer vibes I play some samba. Samba is a Brazilian genre of music that, to summarize, sounds like the most relaxing and romantic thing you've ever heard. Every song is like a tropical dream and the instrumentals are sort of hypnotizing. It's nice.

Here's a playlist of my favorite samba songs plus some samba-influenced music from modern bands like Beck and Yo La Tengo.


emily said...

love, i've been feeling the same way about warmth lately

emily said...

okay re reading my comment it sounds like i am calling you "love" i just meant i "love" your post

but i also love you


bobb said...

Excellent samba selection here!

Jackson Tyler said...


Samba is the only summer-y thing I actually like. Maybe.

Mariana said...

I love samba. It's soothing and sexy :)

Patricia said...

I was rrrreally excited about this mix when I saw it and then when I played it the first song was "The Girl from Ipanema" and that totally sealed the deal for me because I grew up with my parents playing Jubim and bossa makes me incredibly, incredibly happy.

Since we're coming into autumn down here and it's like the summer we missed (due to it being wet and stormy) is back with a vengeance, this just became the soundtrack to an afternoon of barely working and staring out the window.