Saturday, September 8


I haven't blogged in a while, and that's because I've been pretty busy!

I returned from the Rookie X UO road trip in one piece. That was such a totally awesome experience and I sincerely loved meeting every single person I met on that trip. Rookie readers are the best people on the planet.

Right now I am attending college in New York City! I am also interning at Paper Magazine, one of my favorite publications.

I've also written some other things for some other places ;) so get ready for that in the near future.

And now it's time for *** big drum roll *** Rookie Print Edition!

I have a few things in this big beautiful publication, including my interview with John Waters.

Rookie will be celebrating the print launch this week with a reading and signing at 9pm Sunday night at McNally Jackson (52 Prince Street). Come!!!

xoxo Gossip Hazel


brie said...

i got my rookie yearbook this week and i'm in love with it- all the goodies inside, like the stickers, are incredible! ahhh i wish i could go to the print's times like these where living in canada sux

Isabel said...

Big congratulations!! Hazel, you famous thing you. I CANNOT wait to see where else you start writing for! Your Neil Degrasse-Tyson interview was one of my favourite things ever.

Anonymous said...

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AVY said...

Greatest city in the world. Good for you!


Eryn said...

I'm sure you're having fun in NYC and I CANNOT wait for the Rookie yearbook. You're doing such amazing things!

blue roses said...

as a baltimore native, i adore john waters....

how exciting to be able to meet him! i love rookie mag, i wish i had been around when i was a teenager, but definitely interesting content for dreamers and builders of all ages!

Lily said...

Longtime reader, first time commenter; Never too late amiright? Love your blog :) Congrats on the internship!

Arual said...

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII have a question. If I'm spanish and i want the mag to be in my anxious hands: HOW CAN I HAVE IT??