Monday, November 19

"Mermaid Sister" Hula Boy

Today's song is "Mermaid Sister" by Hula Boy. I found this song on Youtube one day and it really stuck with me. It's a sad song :( Anyway, I've been trying to track down a clearer mp3 of the song or at least more of Hula Boy's work because whenever I type in "[INSERT BAND NAME] band" into Google and nothing turns up, I become 100x more intrigued. It's kind of insane when you can't find music on the web, because these days it seems like everything is on the web. It turns out Hula Boy was the collaborative music project of Stewart Anderson of Boyracer (who I love) and Eric Stoess of Hula Hoop. Some skattered 7 inches here and there on the web, but no full LP or digital mp3s as far as I can tell.


victoria uren said...

I am sincerely very grateful for this. The California vibe meeting with the witchy girl (mermaid sister?) reminds me SO MUCH of Willow in Buffy. like, a lot.

Anyway it's good to c u posting again because your blog is the be5t <3

Mua chung said...

I also hope the issue concerns all help. Thank you very much.

Maya said...

Nice blog :)

Josie carr said...

i likke your blog xxx