Tuesday, December 18

Grimes Is the Coolest. Period.

When I first heard the Grimes song “Genesis” my mind was, simply, blown. That haunting synth-pop song was infectious. I didn’t know whether to dance to it or have it serve as background music while I performed a séance. I was addicted and just needed to know: who was this woman? Who on earth was Claire Boucher? And so began my obsession with Grimes and her album Visions, an LP that would serve as the soundtrack to my 2012. Every single song on Visions is amazing. From the dark “Oblivion” to her dancey “Nightmusic” featuring Majical Cloudz. The whole album radiates a brilliance that I feel like is missing from so much modern music.

I consistently joke that I think that Claire Boucher of Grimes is an alien. It’s never meant to be an insult. Grimes is otherworldly to me in the sense that she goes through so many phases, sounds, and imagery until she completely transcends them. I’m often at a loss when I try to describe her music, and therefore resort to throwing out labels as some sort of word association exercise in order to get people to understand what I think she’s doing; what I think she is. Alien. Warrior. Witch. Robot. But in truth, she’s everything. She’s queen of reference, constantly collecting and morphing new sounds and lyrics until she’s made something entirely her own. I think that’s why I, and so many other young women, worship at the altar of Grimes. She’s doing to music what we’re all trying to do with our Tumblrs and our diaries, collecting and creating the personal and the multi-referential. Honestly, it all comes down to this: Grimes is just the coolest. Period.

- Me on Grimes, my favorite musical artist of the year, for The Fader


Anonymous said...


and how grimes is like an "alien":

Skye & Isabella said...

Grimes is a perfect human being. I mean. Who could argue with that hair? Absolutely no one. Also, synth-pop? Omg. All arguments ever have been invalidated.

morganvsmorgan said...

This song is so great, & the music vid too. I once watched a video of her making her backing tracks, sitting on the floor with all this equipment - it was weird & inspiring.

Jessica W said...

The entire attitude of this article is soooo me. Grimes blows my mind

The Lovelorn

Mikazuki said...

This is amazing! I've never heard Grimes's music before, but I love it. :)