Monday, January 21

SnapChat As Art Or, Hazel WTF Are You Talking About?

Due to my inherent need to make everything art even if nobody wants it to be art or even believes it to be art (lol I'm that person), I can't help but be interested in SnapChat as an art form. If communication is visual (Snapchat incorporates photos, videos, text and illustration) it automatically has inherent artistic properties to me. You're making something, it can be art. But SnapChat is the only communication app that's popularity is based on it's ability to destroy images, rather than create them. This is fascinating to me. Pretty kewl.

I've been thinking a lot about fleeting art, a practice that relies on building up something magnificent and time consuming only to have it last for a few seconds or a short amount of time in general. A lot of fleeting art includes candles, bread, ice, etc. SnapChat doesn't fit into the traditional definition of fleeting art because a) it's digital b) you're not building a great and magnificent work.

But what makes fleeting art meaningful? Is it the singular act of destroying the work of art, the fact that only a few people are privileged to see a work before it's gone? Is it's disappearance/destruction more important than it's creation? LOL?!

It's hard for me to not see SnapChat as this weird potential art form. It's intimate because you, the creator, get to decide who sees what you've made. You send it directly to them. The creation of intimacy is as easy as clicking one button and pressing "send." SnapChat also destroys the image which, like I've written above, can have meaning. The meaning is automatically assigned via destruction. SnapChat simplifies grand artistic gestures into one lil' tiny app. I'm just surprised there aren't any crazy young digital artists that aren't using SnapChat as a medium. Maybe it's just too associated with n00dz. But, like, artists love being nude. Ugh, why aren't artists all over this app?

If people are making art from Twitter, Instagram, and the internet in general, they can make art using SnapChat. SnapChat has to be next. 

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KD said...

yes!! I think you are right, snapchat can be art! Also idk about you but I don't actually know anyone who uses snapchat for sexting, just for sending each other stupid faces with devil horns drawn on yourself and stuff like that, although we all say "oh yeah, snapchat is for sexts". And this is only tangentially related but I think people use snapchat, facebook mobile uploads, twitter, instagram, etc to convince themselves they are having fun, b/c making an activity public validates you doing it. I know this thought is not nearly as original as your snapchat-as-art idea but I was just wondering what you think about publicly validating activities as well. I hope that made sense.