Friday, January 11

uncategorized thoughts from the mothership

This is my favorite .gif because this lizard's face is everything I've ever been for the past few months. 

I keep forgetting that my posts on Bonjour Girl are free from editors and fact-checking and other things that make writing actually good but delay posting. Basically, I should post here more often. Basically, basically. 

I don't care how overplayed and karaoke-esque The Human League's "Don't You Want Me" is, it's absolutely golden. And while we're (lol, I mean me) on the subject of 80's pop music, I'm really feeling this song "Dreamer" by FM Attack. This song deserves an 80's teen rom com to accompany it.

Lately I've been really into Grandma Moses' work because it reminds me of old Pennsylvania farm landscapes and Quaker architecture that actually is very common where I live (my family's house is a salt-box style house.)

I've also obsessed with this painting "Untitled" by Sebastien Dacey. Thick squiggles in the most aesthetically pleasing color palette. Sometimes a work of art comes around and I can't explain why I like it beyond connecting with it's formalist qualities. I like it 'cause I like it. Want it painted on the insides of my EYELIDS (woah too far?) 
The background of Giles Pre-Fall reminds me of HAUSU...witchy...

That's all for now folks ~ ~ ~ ~:)

See u later, skaterz xoxo Gossip Hazel


Anonymous said...

Hey Hazel , it's good to see you back doing what you love best, blogging! I honestly get what you mean by not being so insecure, a blog is about self expression and writing which doesn't necesserily have to be perfect.You are amazing Hazel :)

isa said...

hazel ur too good be my pen pal? i promise to actually send mail this time

Anonymous said...


Been reading your blog for awhile now. I love it!!
It's very different then other blogs I have read. I like how you cover different topics.

Oh and reading the comment above can you be my pen pal?

Just wondering it be nice : )