Saturday, March 30

Cheesy Art

Contemporary artists love cheesy chips. What is it about the Cheeto and the Dorito that stirs the heart of the modern artist (on the 'net and off?) Is it the accessibility of the brands? Or is it maybe the fiery, chemically unattainable orange color that gets modern artists inspired? I, frankly, want more Cheeto and Dorito art. 

"Politics As Usual"  by Breanne Trammell (hand-chrocheted cheetos)

Trammell's artistic approach to Cheeto aesthetics is of a more physical nature. Crocheted cheetos are among some of her many junk-food inspired artwork and the pairing of Yves Klein Blue with "Cheeto Orange" appears often in her work. 

Parker Cheeto

Cheetos are intrinsically a part of Parker Cheeto's 'net art image.

"Cheeto Cube" by Max Shuster

"Dorito Air Freshner" by Alex Von Bergen

Cheetos and Doritos as hanging sculptures/mobile-like structures. What are these images trying to say? Does the delicacy of the chip in a suspended form create an emotional vulnerability within the viewer? Or, is the viewer just, like, mad crazy hungry when they view these images? 

"Doritos® Locos Tacos Supreme®" by Jing Yu

"untitled Reliquary" by Tom Holmes

Don't sit there.

"Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos with Geraldo Features" by Eric Yahnker

"Not Titled Yet" by Borna Sammak (plastic trash cans with Dorito chip dust)

Hellah dusty.


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^ So much Cheeto-dusted emotion

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really original and interessant post! i really love contemporary art and is always so good examine new visions, moods and ideas of this magical works! so thank you for your selection

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hahaha :) chips everywhere

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Great survey.