Saturday, March 30

Kirsten Smith's "Trinkets"

I looove Kirsten Smith. Writer of Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You and The House Bunny, Smith is hilarious and, above all, understands teen girls. Her writing for Rookie is awesome (as a die-hard John Hughes fan I really appreciated her piece 10 Things I Love About Molly!) and her latest book, Trinkets, is no exception. Following a group of teen girls addicted to shop-lifting, Trinkets is a funny glimpse into the world of Shoplifters Anonymous meetings and strong female friendship. The three main characters, Moe (the bad ass), Tabitha (the girl who has it all) and Elodie (the goody-goody) are seemingly worlds apart personality-wise, but their sticky-fingers bring them together in an unlikely friendship fueled by petty crime.

The book is really funny and there are moments that remind me of being back in high school, even though I wasn't a shop-lifting queen. "If anyone can sniff out a thousand‑dollar dress in a mall, Taryn can. She once used the bio lab tables as an impromptu fashion runway when Mr. Lopez left the room for one of his infamous fifteen‑ minute bathroom breaks." Ah, now this is a little too relatable. Maybe I should have been shoplifting more? Just kidding! Hehe. If you like sarcastic teens who live life (a little) on the (suburban) edge, teen friendship and a little bit of high school drama, definitely check out Trinkets!


michelle said...

I love hearing about new books and writers! Definitely going on my birthday list :)

Ajay Karantenan said...

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