Monday, March 18

Teen Girl Movie Montage

This is a playlist that has been sitting in my iTunes without a name for a long time and now here it is, in all its glory, as "Teen Girl Movie Montage". I think you know exactly what it sounds like already. This playlist includes classic Teen Girl Movie music acts such as Sixpence None The Richer, Jill Sobule, Michelle Branch, et plus.



Izumi said...

michelle branch is my life

Abby said...

This is perfect! But I can't help feeling like there are some missed opportunities from the Princess Diaries soundtrack (Miracles Happen? Super Girl?)

Pink Rabbit Foot said...

HHAHAH, perfect :P Sometimes I'll put on "Laid" by James (the "big song" from American Pie) and walk down the street pretending like I just had a emotional teenage breakthrough